The #1 question I get asked (hint: its related to the iPad)…

ipad cover

What’s that…oh, your iPad?

By Hallie Bulkin

As I go into many of my clients homes and private preschools I am continuously asked about one thing….repeatedly…over the past 3 months. This one thing is completely unrelated to speech and language. That said, I wanted to blog about “it” because I get asked about “it” everywhere I go… Even by strangers!

So what is “it” that I am referring to? My super awesome kid friendly iPad case!

When I launched Little Sprout Speech and invested in an iPad for therapy use, I knew that I needed to keep it safe. Safe from being dropped, stepped on, spit on, sneezed on, hit, and even thrown across the room. So off to google I went. I searched for “kid friendly iPad case” and I got a few options in the results that looked interesting. Being the “amazon primer” that I am, I ordered the one with the best reviews and it only cost $20!

Can I just tell you…I am in LOVE and want it in more colors!!!

My favorite feature is its useful handle that folds to prop the iPad up on an angle, helps to stand it up to take videos and also lays flat so you can carry the iPad around with ease.

I have come to believe that if the edges of the glass are protected it is safe and less likely to shatter! If ya disagree, talk to the three kiddos who have dropped it straight down to the ground (free falling for a few feet!) and the one that stepped on it (yikes!).

Sometimes teachers and parents recognize the iPad case before they recognize me! Here is where you can get your hands on the same exact iPad case!

This link is an affiliate link, included for your convenience: Get your iPad case here! 


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