Meet Our Talented Team

Alyssa Ackett

Alyssa Ackett is a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, Orofacial Myologist and Feeding Specialist. She is licensed to practice in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. She is originally from Florida where she received her Masters of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of South Florida, where she also completed a graduate certificate for providing early intervention. Alyssa specializes in the treatment of orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMD’s), early intervention, speech sound disorders and pediatric feeding disorders. Alyssa has completed training through Feed the Peds® and Talk Tools, and participates in The Myo Membership®. In her free time, she enjoys reading and hiking with her husband and her dog!

Nadine Lopo

Nadine Lopo, MA, CCC-SLP received her Master’s degree in Clinical Speech Pathology from Northern Arizona University and her Bachelor’s in Speech and Hearing Science from Arizona State University. Nadine is a Speech-Language Pathologist & Feeding Therapist. She is licensed to practice in Maryland, D.C., and California. She is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Nadine is trained in Feed the Peds®, The Myo Method®, Talk Tools, TOTS, PROMPT, SOS Feeding Therapy, SOFFI, AEIOU, AAC, and more. Nadine specializes in pediatric feeding disorders and AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). She has experience working in a variety of settings including private practice, schools, and in-home. Nadine is passionate about her career and loves forming lasting connections with the families that she works with. Nadine is excited to explore the east coast by exploring the outdoors and connecting with family and friends. 

Meghan Carlson

Meghan is originally from Pennsylvania, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the Pennsylvania State University. She received her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Loyola University Maryland. Meghan is a member of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and is licensed in both DC and MD. Meghan has a passion for working with children and has a variety of experience from working in outpatient clinics, pediatric hospital settings and schools/daycares. She has experience helping children from birth to 21 years of age in the areas of expressive and receptive language, articulation, social skills secondary to autism spectrum disorders, oral motor/feeding, AAC (augmentative and alternative communication), and working with medically complex pediatric patients with a variety of diagnoses. Meghan has been completed various trainings including Social Thinking courses, Hanen It Takes Two to Talk/More than Words and others. Meghan loves to spend time with friends and family, cooking, traveling and watching/attending sporting events.

Sandra Peter

Sandra received her Master’s degree from the University of the District of Columbia in Speech Language Pathology. Sandra is a member of the American Speech- Language- Hearing Association (ASHA) and is licensed in Maryland and DC. She has experience working in a variety of settings including, private practice, schools, in-home and early intervention.  Sandra works with each family to ensure that they are empowered in supporting their child in reaching their full potential. Sandra has experience in the following areas: early intervention, feeding, oral motor, orofacial myofunctional disorders, articulation, phonological delays/disorders and language development. Sandra is trained in PROMPT, TOTs, and has been trained under Hallie Bulkin, MA, CCC-SLP, CMT®, COM through Feed the Peds® and The Myo Method®. In her free time, Sandra loves spending time with her husband and two daughters. 

Laura Oringher

Laura received her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Cleveland State University and her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education and Regular Education from the University of Hartford. She is licensed to practice Speech-Language Pathology in the state of Maryland and is a certified member of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). Laura began her career over 25 years ago as a preschool special education teacher, and after completing her Master’s degree began providing speech-language therapy services to young children and their families in a variety of settings including preschools, clinics, private practice and in clients’ homes. Laura specializes in working with young children experiencing language delay, language disorders, auditory-language processing disorder, articulation disorders, phonological process disorder, social communication disorders, ADHD, as well as children demonstrating difficulties in the areas of sensory processing, self-regulation, and social skills. Laura considers herself fortunate to have chosen a career that she is passionate about and thoroughly enjoys every day! When she is not working, she loves getting together with friends, going to movies and Broadway shows, and spending time with her husband and three children.

Ebony Brooks

Ebony Brooks has more than ten years of a variety of professional experience working with individuals with special needs. Ebony is a Speech Language Pathologist licensed in DC and MD. Ebony treats children with speech and language delays and disorders, orofacial myofunctional disorders, pediatric feeding disorders and is experienced working with various diagnoses, including autism, tongue thrust, speech and language delay/disorder. She has her Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. She has completed Feed The Peds® and The Myo Method®.

Christina Mattalino

Christy Mattalino, MS, CCC-SLP, is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with over a decade of experience across the lifespan. Originally from Texas, she completed her B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Texas (Hook’Em!) and her M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from Texas Woman’s University. She specializes in feeding and swallowing disorders and has certifications in VitalStim Therapy and LSVT LOUD. She has previously worked in schools, skilled nursing facilities, and in acute care and rehabilitation hospitals. She also has experience working as an Endoscopist, performing FEES swallow imaging studies across the country. Christy enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two young kiddos, traveling, and being active. She has lived in two countries, five states, and has traveled to 17 countries! She completed Feed the Peds® training under Hallie Bulkin and is trained in The Myo Method®. Christy is proud to be a member of the Little Sprout team!

Emily Cross

Emily Cross began her career more than 10 years ago as a special education teacher specializing in working with children with behavioral disabilities, Down syndrome and autism. Emily then received her Master’s degree in Communication Disorders from North Carolina Central University and has worked for the public school systems in North Carolina and Virginia before moving to D.C. Emily is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and is trained in Social Thinking. Her goal is to serve students with the best therapy and treatment plan and work with each child’s family to enhance communication abilities in the home and school environments. After work, Emily is probably entertaining friends and family, exploring D.C. and planning the next adventure.

Tina Gicale

Tina received her Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from Saint Louis University in St. Loius, MO. Tina has over 19 years of experience and specializes in working with infants, toddlers and preschoolers. She is also a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Tina is trained in PROMPT, Feeding Treatments – Food Chaining, SOS & Talk Tools. She has a love for working with children with apraxia of speech and feeding disorders. Tina is a mama to two daughters and a son. In her spare time you will find Tina traveling and spending time with family & friends.

Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly, MS, CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist and feeding specialist. Erin received her bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science/Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Delaware and her master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Columbia University. She is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is licensed to practice in the states of Maryland and Virginia. Her resume includes supporting children with typical development, developmental delays, and significant communication and feeding disorders from infancy through adolescence in the school, private clinic, home, and virtual settings. Erin has completed over 100 hours of continuing education in the areas of velopharyngeal dysfunction, infant and pediatric feeding, tethered oral tissues, and orofacial myology, including training under Hallie Bulkin, MA, CCC-SLP, CMT®, COM through Feed the Peds® and The Myo Membership®. Currently, Erin is studying for her certification as a lactation counselor (CLC).

Christa Ondiak

Christa Ondiak completed her masters in Communication Science Disorders from James Madison University. Christa is licensed to practice speech language pathology in Virginia and is a member of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Christa is passionate about helping families and children with feeding difficulties and has completed specialized coursework in this area, including Feed The Peds®.  Christa has several years of experience working with infants and toddlers with feeding and swallowing disorders. Christa enjoys spending time with her husband and their two children.

Katie Hundertmark
Katie completed her Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Adelphi University and has been practicing as a Speech-Language and Feeding Therapist since 2015.  She loves working with children and adults, especially in the areas of feeding/swallowing, myofunctional therapy, and articulation.  She is trained in the following therapeutic approaches: PROMPT Level II, Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Intervention, Supporting Oral Feeding in Fragile Infants (SOFFI), and SOS Approach to Feeding Therapy.  Outside of work, Katie loves to hike, garden, and cook.
Jennifer King

Jennifer King, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist and Orofacial Myologist received her undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Wisconsin and her Masters of Science Degree in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of the District of Columbia. Jennifer’s professional strengths include her background as an early childhood teacher, her ability to integrate treatment in listening and speaking with objectives in reading and writing, and her skills in teaching social thinking and pragmatic language functions. Jennifer also has specialized training in orofacial myology, treating adults and children with orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMD’s) and training correct oral rest postures, oral phase swallowing and habit elimination. Jennifer feels that an important part of treatment is communicating her objectives with the client, be it an adult or parent of a child, and other professionals on the team (e.g., teachers, ENT’s, pediatricians, oral surgeons, etc).

Jennifer Giegel

Jennifer Giegel is a Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist who received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Occupational Therapy in 2001 from Mount Aloysius College. Jennifer enjoys working with children of all ages to improve their sensory, motor, physical, and cognitive abilities to help them achieve their goals and fullest potential. Her clinical expertise with pediatrics includes hospital, outpatient, home, and school based therapy in the Washington, D.C. area. Jennifer uses principles from sensory integration, neurodevelopmental, motor learning, and oral sensory feeding techniques to customize the treatment plan to each child’s particular needs. Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband Zachary and their 13 year old son.

Lauren Polovoy

Lauren grew up in Olney, Maryland and currently resides in Washington, D.C. She has a B.S. in Family Science and a M.A. in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of Maryland. Lauren has worked in preschools, elementary and secondary schools, rehabilitation centers, and private practice. She specializes in working with children and adolescents with autism. Lauren is licensed to practice in Maryland and D.C., and is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). 

In addition to working as a speech therapist, Lauren is also a boxing instructor and personal and group fitness trainer. She loves staying active and being outside whenever she can!
Hallie Bulkin

Hallie is the founder and director of Little Sprout Therapy & Metro Myo a pediatric practice providing virtual, in-home, and in-school: feeding therapy, orofacial myofunctional therapy, speech-language therapy and occupational therapy across DC, MD, VA, NJ, NY & FL. The practice provides myofunctional therapy to adults as well. Hallie specializes in treating infants, toddlers, and children with tethered oral tissues (TOTs), pediatric feeding disorders and orofacial myofunctional disorders across the lifespan.

Hallie has a passion for sharing knowledge with colleagues in the pediatric feeding and orofacial myofunctional therapy spaces. She is the founder of the Untethered Podcast where the goal is to bring information on Myo, TOTs, Airway and Pediatric Feeding to the masses. She is also the founder of Feed The Peds®, The Myo Method® & CMT® (Certified Myofunctional Therapist®) Certification; and, The Myo Membership®. Currrently, Hallie is on a treatment sabbatical as she focuses on educating and mentoring colleagues through her various programs.