What Our Clients Have To Say…

“We have worked with Hallie for over three years now and we have always been so impressed with her expertise, skills, and energy.  We can’t say enough wonderful things about Hallie.  She helped our son in countless ways, obviously through speech therapy, but she also was the first to recognize that he was not hearing well (even though he had passed a hearing test before therapy started) and really worked with us to get him to an ENT so he could be checked out thoroughly.  She has served as his (and our) advocate in meetings with teachers and administrators and even helped us tackle biting!  We really consider ourselves very lucky to have had the chance to work with Hallie; she is a wonderful, caring, energetic, and positive person and our son has benefited tremendously from his time with her.  In general, Hallie is extremely accessible and has worked with us over the years on changes to our son’s schedule and overseeing his speech therapy with other Little Sprout speech therapists (all of whom have been fantastic).”  

DS, Washington, DC

“We have been working with Lauren for about six months and she really has made such a difference in our son’s speech articulation.  She sees him once a week at his local elementary school during the aftercare program.  For our family with two full-time working parents, this is a tremendous help.  In addition, she has been extremely flexible when needed and has even seen our son at his grandparents’ house on occasion when school has been closed.  Lauren has been really attuned to our son’s needs and even suggested a schedule change to better address his social language goals during a more productive time for him and for the other children, based on her own observations.  Her notes are extremely detailed and she has always been responsive when we’ve had questions or wanted to chat with her.  Our son always looks forward to his time with Lauren and constantly tells us how much fun he has had with her.  She is extremely motivated, energetic, and takes the initiative to make the time with him as beneficial as possible. “  

D.S., Washington, DC

“I am so lucky to have Emily as speech therapist for both my kids. Both my kids not only enjoy speech therapy session with Emily, but have also made great progress. My kids attend martial arts classes, swimming and when I asked my kids for the class they like the best, they both said that it was Emily’s class. I was always worried that my son doesn’t get social cues and can’t initiate conversations. My daughter has slurred speech and it was very difficult to understand her. My daughter has made tremendous progress with articulation, and my son has started initiating conversations with adults and other kids. Hallie, the owner always goes an extra step to help out with any billing and working with the insurance company.”

Neetu G, Boyds, MD

From a current family on their daughters progress with Tina: “I have seen my daughter not only make the attempt to sound out any word that we or someone else is trying to teach her to say, but it seems that she is making an individual effort to sound out words (while listening to the TV, or from hearing someone else talking).”

Norman B, Gaithersburg, MD

“We had a wonderful experience with Little Sprout Speech and Hallie.  Hallie worked with our 3 year old daughter once a week for about a year.  Hallie always provided immediate and detailed feedback after every session and was very responsive whenever we had a question.  Our daughter loved Hallie and looked forward to her speech therapy day every week.  She constantly asked if today was Hallie’s day.  Hallie provided very useful home exercises and advice on how to improve our daughter’s speech.  We saw consistent progress during the year and our daughter’s confidence increased.  I was also very impressed when it came time for the sessions to end.  Hallie engaged in a very honest and open dialogue with us about our daughter’s progress and provided us with a recommendation that it was time to end the sessions. Our daughter was also an extremely picky eater, and Hallie provided us with a plan to expand what she would eat.  Hallie worked with our daughter during her sessions to encourage her to try new things.  We implemented Hallie’s suggestions at home and saw immediate results.  This has been a big benefit to our family as there are not as many battles at the table.  We cannot say enough good things about Hallie.  She has been an incredible resource for our family, and we would not hesitate to recommend Little Sprout Speech.”  

Kristina H, Bethesda, MD

“Little Sprout Speech worked for a couple months with our 2.5-year old daughter in the preschool classroom. We worked with an excellent therapist — always full of enthusiasm and insight, and extremely quick with her write-ups to keep us posted as to progress. Our daughter’s confidence and verbal abilities have flourished in both the classroom and at home. Our therapist was also always available to talk on the phone to problem solve and was willing to act as an advocate at the school for our daughter’s needs. We highly recommend Little Sprout Speech!“

Stacey & Mike S, Bethesda MD

“Hallie was a refreshing change from the other speech therapist my 2.5 yr old son had worked with. She has a great attitude that motivated my son to be engaged with her. My son started seeing Hallie once a week, but we increased it to twice a week because he was making so much progress with her. She gave me advice tailored to my son and helped me learn how to better elicit speech from him. It was also very helpful that she provides a detailed write-up of what I should be practicing with him and what goals they were working on. We had her with us at our son’s first IEP meeting and I found her very knowledgable.  Anytime someone tells me their child has a speech issue I always refer them to Hallie!”  

Rebecca K, Bethesda MD

“I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Little Sprout Speech for both my children. Though they had different speech issues, the therapists were able to adapt their methods to each of them individually. And I was always amazed at how well they would respond and cooperate with their therapists – much more than they did with me and other therapists! They are magic. I was also very impressed that the therapists set up concrete goals and dismissed my son from therapy when he had met the goals we had set for him. I have worked with other therapists in the past who had nebulous goals and seemed to want to continue therapy indefinitely.  I sometimes felt as though my children were simply a source of income for them – and it seemed like a conflict of interest for them to ever ‘graduate’ my children from therapy. Our experience with Little Sprout Speech was the opposite – we had clearly delineated goals, weekly detailed reports, and a defined endpoint in sight. It was a breath of fresh air! I’m so glad we found Little Sprout Speech – and my children are better for it!”

Jana G, Bethesda MD

“First time that I did not have to explain my daughters diagnosis and health history because Hallie took the time to research the diagnosis and read all of the intake paperwork prior to our first session. Hallie takes data each session and documents everything, which helps us to show my daughters teacher’s and therapist’s in Montgomery County Public Schools that she IS a learner. My daughters school speech therapist can only do so much so it gives me peace of mind to know she is receiving intense one-on-one quality speech therapy sessions with Hallie. Hallie also goes the extra mile to communicate directly with my daughters school team and other private therapists to share her strengths, struggles and overall progress on a regular basis. My husband and I will not attend an IEP meeting alone ever again. Hallie is a strong educational advocate for her clients. She helps the meeting run smoothly and feel less painful. She comes prepared with real data she has collected over the years she has been with my daughter. This helps to demonstrate the timeline of my daughters medical history and educational developments, which helps support us in making sure she receives the public services that she both needs and deserves. Hallie’s speech evaluations, status reports, and classroom observations are like none other. She provides specific details, dates, mathematical analyses, and in-depth goals written specifically for my child and her needs. Hallie makes each session fun, constantly trying new things to keep my child entertained and engaged in her sessions. Little Sprout Speech provides top quality services to their clients. Hallie takes the time and effort to be the best therapist for my child. She sets high expectations and expects nothing less. My daughter finally has a voice of her own! Hallie truly is the ideal speech therapist every parent is searching for.”

Lizette H, Rockville MD

“We could not be more impressed with Hallie, working for a year and a half with our Sasha starting when he was 2 years old. Hallie is a gifted clinician with creativity and energy, going above and beyond with her care and resourcefulness. She would be doing research or creating a special chart with velcro’d images late in the evening just for Sasha. Hallie established a relationship with Sasha that engenders a smile whenever her name is mentioned, having Sasha’s trust early on. Hallie is available to strategize and brainstorm or to develop a tailored social story on one day’s notice. She is ready to acknowledge the limits of her expertise to learn more and expand her knowledge or to refer to another specialty or specialist. We feel most fortunate to have been paired up with Hallie.”

Sarah T, Washington DC

“Hallie is the consummate professional. She is punctual, extremely knowledgeable and up to date with best practices. During the 9 months she worked with my 2-year-old son, he made fantastic progress. As a parent, it was thrilling to hear the improvement in both the quantity and quality of his speech.  Consequently, my son became more confident and less frustrated. This resulted in a dramatic decrease of both crying and temper tantrums. Hallie is truly gifted, she has a wonderful way of relating to kids. My son was always thrilled to see her and explore her bottomless bag of toys. The “play time” was exciting and stimulating for him. The play was carefully thought out, and through her skillful execution, Hallie was able to help my son meet realistic goals. I appreciated Hallie’s honesty, diligence and personal warmth. I felt that she was an incredible resource. Her assessment, strategies and predictions were spot on.”

Stacey F-G, Washington DC

“Our daughter has been received speech and language services for several months now and I cannot overemphasize how pleased we are with Little Sprout Speech’s services.  Our therapist has kept us informed about the process and about our daughter’s progress from day one and after every single session.  She also spent several hours helping us design a program that is best for our child. Most importantly, our daughter loves working with her therapist and we have seen significant improvements in her speech and language.”

Pablo Z, Washington DC

“Hallie has worked with my son both 1:1 and in a group.  My son looks forward to her sessions and is eager to meet with her.  He has been seeing Hallie once a week for about a year, and in that time we have seen tremendous growth.  His classroom teachers often remark at the improvement.  In addition to being a thoughtful, creative and insightful therapist, Hallie is professional, punctual and very accommodating.  We are so glad to be working with her!”

Rachel F, Bethesda MD