Book Club Week 3: We’re Heading to the Farm

Barnyard Hullabaloo
Book Club Week 3: We’re Heading to the Farm

By Hallie Bulkin

Welcome to the third week of the Little Sprout Book Club! I am SO excited that Book Club is switching gears as we head into Fall! There are so many things we could focus on in the Fall and one of my favorite topics for preschoolers is the FARM! This month we are focused on the Farm and Halloween In order to receive the Book Club posts before anyone else, be sure to sign up here:: Book Club Sign Up.

Theme of the Month



Book of the Week

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Barnyard Hullabaloo

by Giles Andraea & David Wojtowycz

Hint: Focus on farm vocabulary this week

(cow, pig, horse, sheep, rooster, chickens, cat, dog,

donkey, turkey, geese, goat, bull, fox, barn, tractor)

**You should start introducing animal sounds with this story**

Example: A cow says MOOOO, A sheep says BAAA, etc.


Color of the Week


Talk about the Red Barn on the farm,

Red apples you can pick, etc!

Name things that are red around your home.


Song/Nursery Rhyme of the Week

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

(click on song title to access lyrics)


Letter of the Week

A for Apple

“Every letter makes a sound, A says Aaaa!”


Snack of the Week


*How creative can you be with your apples?

Slice them, puree them into apple sauce (make this recipe together!), chop them, bake them! Have fun J


Art Project of the Week

Apple Stamping!

Here’s how to make it…

You’ll need a knife (supervised activity)

You need: Apple(s), knife, paper, paint in fall colors, paper plate

Use knife to cut apple in half vertically (will give you the shape of an apple stamp on paper!) Pour some paint on a paper plate and dip apple into it! Stamp the apples on paper in as many colors as you want.

Hint: Use Fall colors including our color of the week RED!

Leave it overnight to dry. Then hang it up for fall decoration!


Field Trip of the Week

Take a trip to the local farm & go Apple Picking!


App of the Week


We are here to serve YOU! Hop on over to our Facebook page and share your favorite Farm activities with us! Is it picking apples? Corn? A visit to the pumpkin patch? A hay ride? Share away!

Have fun with the Farm theme this week! Next up is another week on the Farm! I can’t wait…

With Love,


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