No child should eat lunch alone

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One of our big focus points this month has been how to help your child succeed during their school day. One of the most important things that often gets overlooked is the importance of eating lunch! Why is it so important? Food is fuel! If your tank is on empty you are going to be hungry, cranky, angry (hangry?), more irritable and you lose your ability to focus.

Now think about your child. Do they eat lunch every day at school or is something preventing them from eating their lunch? You may send a lunch or lunch money for them to buy a lunch but they may just be sitting there trying to hold it together, unable to focus on eating their food.

Lunch rooms can be loud and the smells can be overbearing for some kiddos. This is true especially if your child has sensory processing disorder (SPD).

So what do you do? This is exactly what we spoke about here:
“No child should eat lunch alone”

And as a follow up, since the first video was so popular and sparked SO many questions, I did another free video answering questions and chatting MORE about helping your child succeed in school (especially during lunch hour)!

Check out part 2 here:

“When your child with autism wants to eat alone at school”

And here is that video I referenced in my Facebook Live: He Just Sued The School System


I hope you are having a GREAT day and your kiddo is having an even BETTER school year!! Sending lots of love and happy lunches your way!

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