Calling all parents of children with autism that hate the dentist or brushing their teeth

As I was sitting in the dentist chair, hearing that dreaded, “you need a filling” statement come out of the dentists mouth…I just thought about all the kiddos I’ve worked with that have autism and how HARD going to the dentist is for them. The angle of the chair you lay in, the lights in your face, the sounds of the drill buzzing next door, the feel of the metal (and the sound) on the teeth, the feel of the saliva pooling in your mouth, the sound of the tool that applies the toothpaste to make your teeth all pearly white and shiny…
SO MANY noises and sounds. It can be HORRIBLE!
So aside from finding a dentist that specializes in working with children with special needs, what else can you do? This article will help: The 3 R’s to a successful hair, doctor or dental appointment
And what in the world can you do to help your child WANT to brush their teeth? Watch this: How to get your child with autism to brush their teeth
Hopefully this will prevent more than that annual dentist trip. You don’t want to have to go more often for tooth decay and fillings, etc….do ya???
Let me know how this goes and if you find this helpful! Either hit reply here and let me know or pop on over to the facebook page! Chat soon!