[Training Article] Helping Your Child Speak To Others

A child is standing on the sidewalk crying. Your child walks over and asks, “what’s wrong?” And you… Well you almost fall over with joy and excitement that your child just initiated conversation with another child.

Not only did they speak to the other child but they recognized the other child’s emotion. That child is sad. Your child is concerned. Your child was able to understand the emotion and respond appropriately. Teaching the emotions that go along with the decisions we make is so important for our kiddos with autism.

This is why I have had so much success using mini stories with children. I tie the emotion to the situation using pictures to make sure the child understands. It is challenging to help children with autism make friends.

Make it easier for your child. How? Here are 3 tips:

1. Show them how to do it using pictures that show them exactly what to do.
2. Use the pictures to explain to them how others feel when they act a certain way.
3. Use and re-read our mini stories as often as needed to drive the message home! Get those here: https://littlesproutspeech.com/store/mini-stories-make-keep-friends/

Your child is smart. Your child is capable. But they are not going to do this themselves. They need your guidance. That’s where you come in. Help your child using the 3 tips above and our mini guides. You can get them here:

Mini Stories: Make & Keep Friends

Let’s go help your child make friends!

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