If You Give A SLP An Ipad

SLP iPad


So I have been very into using my iPad this past year in therapy. So much that you would think I was as attached to it as the preschoolers that request it when we start our sessions! I love my iPad but I think the preschoolers love it more 😉 SO, why do I love the iPad so much?

Well, if you give an SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) an iPad:

  • she will protect it with a super bright colored kid-friendly iPad cover (check it out here)
  • she will try to get as many free apps to try in therapy with kiddos as possible
  • she will spend lots of money on apps that she deems are “worth it” for that one kiddo who she knows can benefit from it…$14.99 for that one app, no problem! (OY!)
  • she will write reviews of apps in exchange for getting them free (parents you can do this, too!)
  • she will find ways to use ANY app in therapy to target goals, even when they are not “therapy apps”
  • she will sit on her couch late at night playing new kid-based apps to familiarize herself with them and pick favorites!
  • she will organize the apps into categories that make sense if you are an anally organized SLP (e.g., “verbs”, “directions”, “wh-questions”, “descriptors” and more)
  • she will run out of room and realize she needs to back up the apps to the cloud
  • she will then realize she doesn’t fully understand this elusive concept of the cloud…where the heck is this cloud hiding anyways?
  • she will figure out the “cloud” and start paying to store stuff there so she doesn’t lose all her free apps and can free up some iPad space!
  • she will forget to charge it for a few days and panic when it’s on 15% at the beginning of a week day!
  • she will go to sleep and do this all over again the next day…using the apps in therapy, downloading more apps (hopefully, free!) and freeing up space by backing up to the “cloud”…wash, rinse, repeat.

Does anyone else love their iPad as much as I do? Or do I need to recognize that I am addicted to my iPad and iPad apps?! Let’s hope it’s not the later! Have a happy appy day!

With Love,