Book Club Week 35: Dinner At Panda Palace

Dinner at the panda palace

Theme of the Month


Book of the Week

Dinner At The Panda Palace

By Stephanie Calmerson

Color of the Week


How many orange items can you find both

inside and outside of your home this week?

Song/Nursery Rhyme of the Week

One, Two Buckle My Shoe

(this may seem like a strange choice, but once you read the book of the week you will notice the counting theme!)

 One, two, Buckle my shoe;

Three, four, Open the door;

Five, six, Pick up sticks;

Seven, eight, Lay them straight:

Nine, ten, A big, fat hen (OR start over again).


Letter of the Week

D for Dinner

“Every letter makes a sound, D says Duh!”


Snack of the Week


Pick smaller fruit items that will allow you to count!

Use blueberries, grapes, or other fruits cut into safe pieces if normally too large!

Count them before you eat them,

when you eat them and as they disappear (as you eat them)

keep counting to see how many are left!


Art Project of the Week

Create A Panda

DLTK has a great paper panda project: Click here

To keep with our counting theme, count out the parts of the panda, the art tools and more!

Be creative here and find things to count as your do your project.


Field Trip of the Week


Take a trip to a restaurant.

While you are there, see how many things you can count!

Ask your kiddo, how many forks/spoons/cups, etc are on the table?

Then count them! You can do this with anything and this is a great

activity to focus on when out in a restaurant to keep your kiddo occupied!

App of the Week

Preschool Counting App – FREE!

If you have a kiddo just starting to learn how to count, this is a great free app!


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