5 Important Tips For Beginning of the School Year

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So the school year is back in session. You know it’s a “labor of love” to start and get settled in but it’s been a week or two and your child seems to be have a rough time.




For some children the start of the school year totally rocks their world. What does this mean?


Well, simply put, your child had adjusted to a different summer schedule and now they have been thrown back into a full day school schedule. We chatted this summer about tips to prepare your child for the school year but even with those tips in place, it can still be really tough.


[Here are those tips for starting the school year]


So what can we do to ease their transition into the school year?


  1. First we need to be understanding. We need to understand that they are going to take time to adjust to the school year and be OKAY with this. It is straining on everyone as you deal with some extra behaviors but it’s important to know that it is not your fault, the teachers fault, or anyone’s fault really. Your child just needs some time.
  2. We need to implement a daily schedule at home and at school. Create some sort of a schedule and put it in a pictured or written list (tailor it to their needs) so that they can start to feel a sense of understanding and control over their environment.
  3. Make sure they are getting opportunities to eat snacks and their lunch at school. Often times our kiddos are SO overwhelmed during snack and lunch time that they don’t eat much if anything at all. Think about how YOU feel when you go a full day without eating…your energy is low and you are much more irritable. This is the same case for our kiddos so we need to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need to pay attention and learn.
  4. Pay attention to your child’s behaviors AFTER school. If they come home and go into full-blown meltdown mode, something needs to change. This is a topic that we will discuss next week (and then I will link it here, so watch out for it). You can also join our e-newsletter to receive updates so you know when the new posts come out. Grab some free tools and join us.
  5. Pay attention to their sensory needs. How are they doing in the classroom? Are they having meltdowns there? Are they covering their ears in the classroom or exhibiting behaviors like spinning, hand-flapping or anything of the sort? If they are, LET THEM! They need to do this to regulate themselves and it should NOT be discouraged. It may, however, mean that they are overstimulated, in which case they should be given an outlet (e.g., a walk in the hallway, a chance to bounce on a trampoline 5-10 times, a quiet or calming room, etc) to decompress and “reset” themselves.


How is your child’s school year going so far? Let me know how I can help!


With Love,
Hallie Bulkin