How To Get iPad Grants and Funding

Kid with tablet computer in glasses. Early education. iPad AAC


There are so many children that could benefit from the use of an iPad to help them communicate. Is your child one of them? Is it disheartening when you know it’s just not in the budget? Feeling a bit stuck?

If only insurance or medicare would cover a $500 iPad for use as a primary communication device. But no, they’d rather cover the $7,000-15,000 devices (if you’re lucky) since they feel that opening up the doors to a $500 device (the iPad) will lead to lots of people abusing this and acquiring an iPad when they don’t really need one. But I digress…

After realizing how hard it can be for you to obtain an iPad for your kiddo I did some googling around to see what we can do to help with funding and grants for iPads. Many websites recommend saving your pennies, fundraising, using credit card points or miles, and other similar suggestions but the reality is your child may have to wait quite a while until the time comes that you’ve earned enough credit card points to exchange them for an iPad or apple gift card worth $500+. Another option is to contact your childs school and ask for a consult (in our local county it is called an “InterACT consult”) to see if your child may qualify for a communication device, at this point it would be appropriate to request an iPad over some of the other devices. Some counties offer iPads and others offer other communication devices. Can’t hurt to try!

So now what? Well this is where my research comes in. I present you with a list of websites that may be helpful to you as a mom of an awesome kiddo who needs an outlet to communicate more successfully. Check out these sites and let me know if you end up using one of them. I would LOVE to know if all my research paid off!

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation One of our families mentioned they got an iPad for showing proof of autism diagnosis! Try this out!
  • iHelp for Special Needs will help you fundraise to get your kiddo the iPad they need!
  • Danny’s wish (iPads for Autism) This is an ongoing project. You can submit an application to request an iPad!
  • Autism Source Search for your states name and then “assistive technology program”
  • Parker’s Purpose Focused on supporting children under the age of 18 in Ohio but they will go outside of Ohio so submitting an application can’t hurt!
  • Small Step’s In Speech Grants for various things including apraxia!
  • iTaalk
  • ACT Today! They accept applications quarterly. Note: They have Military Family Grants, too!
  • First Hand Foundation provides international help! They provide funding to children with health-related needs when insurance and other financial resources have been exhausted
  • The Lindsay Foundation is helping children access a variety of services, devices included.
  • The Hollyrod Foundation provides technology grants and more!

Specific to certain locations:

  • Pause4Kids is located in CA, specifically Ventura County
  • Friends of Jacob in Michigan
  • Special Kids Therapy in Ohio
  • Zane’s Foundation in Ohio
  • Ben’s Fund for families in Washington State

Not currently accepting applications but will again in the future:

  • Little Bear Sees for children with CVI’s
  • DifferentNeedz will begin accepting grant applications again in January 2016.
  • Hannah’s Helping Hands will begin accepting applications for various grants in January 2016. Can check back then to see if they are offering grants for iPads. Note: these grants are specific to residents in FL, IN, RI, NY.

While this list is not exhaustive, it gives a good idea of various options out there to help your kiddo get their hands on an iPad! If communicating and learning via an iPad is ideal for your child, be sure to set aside some time to start submitted applications to the above sites. And as I mentioned, keep me posted on what pans out!

Good luck to you and your little one on this journey to receiving an iPad grant!

With Love,