Book Club Week 40: The Biggest Thing In The Ocean


Theme of the Month


Book of the Week

The Biggest Thing In The Ocean

By Kevin Sherry

Color of the Week


Think of all the BLUE things out in the ocean…the water, blue on shells, crabs and more!

Song/Nursery Rhyme of the Week

 Fish Are SwimmingSung to “Frere Jacques”Fish are swimming, fish are swimmingIn the sea, in the seaa-splishing and a-splashing

a-splishing and a-splashing,

look and see, look and see!

Letter of the Week

O for Ocean

“Every letter makes a sound, O says Awww!”
Snack of the Week


Talk about all the different fish and sea creatures you find in the ocean and ask your kiddo if the goldfish are bigger or smaller than those other creatures! Using pictures will help make for a fun interactive snack time!

Art Project of the Week

Make your own book!

The big squid prides himself on being the largest thing in the ocean (but is he?)

Help your child draw and write their own book

Keep in mind you can do this with an iPad app, crayons, markers, etc. It is up to you as to how you write your story and what materials you use to help your kiddo do it!

PS- Many of you may have to write what your child says (even if they just label what they drew) to tell their story. Feel free to give them ideas and choices to get them started and help them look at the book for ore ideas!

Field Trip of the Week
 Go on a visit to the aquarium and meet all of the under water creatures that you read about in the book.
See if you can find them all!

App of the Week

FREE Preschool Learning – Ocean Fun


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