How To Get Ready For the Fireworks

This week we are focusing on social stories, or as I like to refer to them, picture guides.

Social stories or picture guides are a way of teaching any child the feelings behind a new skill, activity or life experience. For example, we often make social stories to help children learn what they can do with their hands (instead of hitting), feet (instead of kicking) and mouth (instead of biting). We may make stories to teach your child about asking a friend to play or about going on an airplane for the first time. We can even make stories to help your child learn what to expect at the fireworks. So if you have a child who feels anxious or scared when it comes time for July 4th fireworks, grab this FREE social story here. Read it before you head out to the fireworks so your child knows what to expect!


Read more about it here or go here to download your digital copy:

Happy July 4th and Fireworks to you and your family!

With Love,