Don’t let others limit your child with autism

What message have you been told (eh hem…lied to) about your child or children in general, that have autism? Have you been told they will never speak? Never ride a bike? Never play a sport?

No two children are the same and many are ABLE. At times, they just need to be taught how to do certain things, like ride a bike. This is not THAT different from you and I. The concept of teaching a skill is something that varies for ALL of us. Some of us pick up on things naturally while others have to be taught.

In my opinion, the sky is NOT the limit and I encourage you to pay attention to the word ABLE and what your child CAN do. Then build from there. And don’t let others limit this for you or your child. Here’s a message on this topic… be sure to listen and follow us over on our facebook page where I go live weekly to discuss topics related to autism. Join us over here:

Have a GREAT day!

With Love,

Hallie (and sleeping Lily)