Getting Past The Gatekeeper- The FASTEST Way To Get Your Child’s Needs Met In School!

get past gatekeeper

Learning who the gatekeeper is on your child’s school team will go FAR when it comes to getting your child the services they need in school.

One of the simplest ways you can do this is pay attention to who is taking the notes during the meeting. Who do the other team members look to? Who is nodding yes as if they are giving others on the team permission when someone seems unsure of what they can offer or say. Pay attention to behaviors and who everyone turns to and you will figure out who the gatekeeper is…

Now if you know who the gatekeeper is, here are some tips to help you know how to use them as a resource in getting your child what they need in school:

#1- Sit next to them in meetings so you can see their notes

#2- If there is no gatekeeper present, ask for them to be in attendance at your meetings

#3- Maintain contact with the gatekeeper outside of meetings, be a PRESENT parent

#4- Remember to ASK for what you want for your child and make sure the gatekeeper is present. Be persistent!

Why is this important? It’s simple. The gatekeeper holds the power to turn the key and open the door to the services your child both needs and deserves. It is not productive to hold a meeting if no one at the meeting can call the shots, so to say.

Have you ever made a call to the cable company and spoken to someone for 30 minutes who then asked you to hold so they could check with their supervisor? That 30 minutes is your school meeting and the suggestion to check with the supervisor is the same as having team members present that do not have authorization to make certain changes to your child’s education plan. Bottom line…it’s a waste of everyone’s time!

SO Remember, figure out who the gatekeeper is, make sure they attend your meetings and buddy up with them so you can get your child the services they need much easier!

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With love,
Hallie Bulkin