A New Year Challenge…

Everyone…okay, not EVERYONE, but many of us set out with each new year with goals or resolutions in mind. I know some people despise this and feel like it sets you up for failure. For me, I feel like it’s a natural time to hit the reset button. There are many other times throughout the year that I do this as well, not just come January 1!

That said, one of our parents, Melanie, shared this list with us and I love it SO SO SO much I HAVE to share it with YOU!

It kind of falls into one of those “new year resolution” categories but I am going to call it a New Year CHALLENGE. This is my challenge for you in 2016.

Aside from advocating for your child and being their voice I would LOVE to see us all pull together and start our day(s) on a positive note. It can be SO hard to do this with the stressors in your daily life (those related to having children, special needs children, finances, relationships, work, and the list goes on).

But why not make it a goal to focus on the positive this year? For you and your child(ren). Starting with a positive thought each morning. After all, the way you start your morning often sets the tone for the day.

AND I am making it SUPER easy and sharing this list so you know EXACTLY where to start. You can do this many ways but my main TWO suggestions are to:

  • Start with #1 and follow right down the list for 66 straight days, using a different positive statement each day. At the end of 66 days, repeat! OR…
  • Find a few that you like and use those, starting your day with the same one or one of several statements for the day.



The goal here is to help both YOU and YOUR CHILD start the day on the right note…a positive one! Let’s try this together. If I were doing this and putting some of these together, I might say:

  • I admire you. You make my heart full.
  • I love your creativity. I can’t wait to see what you make in school today.
  • Nobody is perfect. Don’t be afraid to BE YOU!
  • It’s good to be curious. What you did was awesome.
  • I believe in you. Thank you for being you.
  • You can say no. That was really brave.

I could keep going all day, but you get the idea. Which of these speak to you? If you love the whole list either bookmark this page or print it out and follow your heart each morning. It will tell you which positive phrase(s) to choose that day!

Here’s to a fabulous 2016 full of positive uplifting thoughts for you and your child.


With Love,