Book Club Week 46: Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish

Theme of the Month


Book of the Week

Rainbow Fish

By Marcus Pfister

Color of the Week


How many things can you find that are the color of the rainbow this week?

Song/Nursery Rhyme of the Week

The Fish Song: Get it here

Letter of the Week

F for Fish

“Every letter makes a sound, F says F-f-f!”

Snack of the Week

Colored goldfish!

This is an easy one. Many children LOVE goldfish!

See if you can venture into the color ones to make a rainbow with them this week.

Art Project of the Week

Make a rainbow fish!

Here is the template: click here

& Here are the instructions from DLTK-kids: click here

Field Trip of the Week 


If you have yet to make it to an aquarium

this is the perfect time to take that end of summer trip!

If you can’t get to one, to a field trip to the pet store

And admire the beta fish (may be the closest you get to a rainbow fish) in the tanks at the store!

App of the Week

If you want the book via app, get it here


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