Book Club Week 34: Hi Pizza Man


Theme of the Month


Book of the Week

Hi Pizza Man

By Virginia Walter

Color of the Week


Red can be a fun color in the kitchen!

Think about all of the red foods you might eat.

Sauces, tomatoes, peppers and more!

Search the fridge this week to see what red foods you can find!

Song/Nursery Rhyme of the Week

 I am a Pizza!

(This is a favorite, check it out for the lyrics and pictures!)


Letter of the Week

P for Pizza

“Every letter makes a sound, P says Puh!”


Snack of the Week


(did you think it would be something else?)

Let’s make pizzas!

Make personal sized pizzas on an English muffin!

Spread your sauce of choice, cover with cheese &

Add desired toppings.

Make it fun and make a face with the toppings!


Stick it in the toaster oven long enough

to melt the cheese and you’re done!


Art Project of the Week

Make a PIZZA & Decorate a Pizza Box

Use a paper plate and color or paint it red for the sauce.

Add some white/yellow crinkle paper or cut strips for cheese.

Cut out and add on any other toppings you desire!


Then get an unused pizza box from a local pizza shop.

Decorate it how you and your little one see fit!

Put your paper pizza in the box and you are ready to go!


Field Trip of the Week

Some local pizza places will let you come with your kiddo

(and sometimes others as well) and learn about how Pizza’s are made!

Take a trip to some pizza parlors or call ahead and find a place you

Can go and participate in making your own pizzas!

This is ALWAYS fun for the kiddos!


App of the Week

There are lots of Pizza making apps out there

but this one is simple and FREE!

Pizza Maker App

You can make a pizza on here first, then on paper and then make your snack! Or any order you see fit…but the app is a good place to start to practice the sequence of making a pizza (e.g., what goes on first, second, next, last, etc).


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With Love,


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