Book Club Week 31: One Rainy Day


Theme of the Month


Book of the Week

One Rainy Day

By M. Christina Butler

Color of the Week


Are the skies looking black (or grayish)

with all the April showers that will bring May flowers?

I know it sure has been raining here

With lots of black rain clouds!

See how many black items you can collect

In your child’s toys and the kitchen this week!


Song/Nursery Rhyme of the Week

Rain Rain Go Away!

Rain, rain go away!

Come again another day

All the children want to play

Rain, rain go away!


Letter of the Week

R for Rainy
“Every letter makes a sound, R says Er”

Snack of the Week

Rain Clouds

Grab a plate and make your clouds first

(out of marshmallow, fluff or cool whip)

Use raisins or blueberries for your rain drops.

Place these below your clouds and wah-lah!

You have a rain cloud snack J

Super easy and fun!


Art Project of the Week

Thumb Print Rain Drops

Create an umbrella (paint or draw) on a piece of paper


Clouds out of cotton balls.

Using blue paint, use different sized paint brushes,

Or thumb prints if your little one can handle all that

Sensory input on the fingers and make little blue rain drops!

Let it dry and you have a rainy day picture.

Field Trip of the Week

Go puddle jumping!

For those of you with lots of puddles from the rain,

Put on raincoats and rain boots and go jump in puddles!

Talk about all the rain and the water falling from the clouds!

If it hasn’t rained recently,

create a puddle or two in your own yard with a hose!

Have fun with this (and take pictures!)


App of the Week

With all the talk about rain, try out a kid friendly weather app!

Weather is a topic that is great for children to learn

(and that some preschools no longer teach!?!?)

Grab it here: Kid Weather


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With Love,


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