Book Club Week 29: In The Small, Small Pond


Theme of the Month


Book of the Week

In The Small, Small Pond

By Denise Fleming

Color of the Week


Look for blue skies, blue birds and blue water.

It’s a great time of year to go on a nature walk

And hunt for blue! Not as easy to find as green,

So this may be a challenge!

Point out everytime you see BLUE in the book, too!


Song/Nursery Rhyme of the Week

5 Little Speckled Frogs

Five little speckled frogs sitting upon a log
Eating a most delicious bug, yum, yum!
One jumped into the pool where it was nice and cool
Then there were four green speckled frogs

Four little speckled frogs…

Three little speckled frogs…

Two little speckled frogs…

One little speckled frog sitting upon a log
Eating a most delicious bug, yum, yum!
He jumped into the pool where it was nice and cool
Then there were no green speckled frogs

Other pond creatures to sing about:

tadpole, frog, duck, turtle, heron, whirligigs, swallows,

lobster, raccoon, muskrat, minnow, lizard

and you can add your own!

Letter of the Week

I for in

“Every letter makes a sound, I says Ih!”

This week we are focused on what lives IN the pond!

Snack of the Week

Frogs on A Log

You can get more creative if you would like

But this is a favorite for kiddos!

Cut celery into 4 inch pieces

Add cream cheese or peanutbutter inside the “log”

Place green candy or raisin’s on top for the “frogs”



Art Project of the Week

Frog Paper Plate PUPPET

I LOVE puppets for creating speech and language naturally!

Everyone wants to make a puppet talk!

The instructions will be easy to access here:

Frog Paper Plate Puppet

I have made this before with preschoolers and it is so much fun!

(Can you tell I LOVE DLTK’s website, click around and see other projects they offer for free!)

Field Trip of the Week

Find a lake or pond near your house and take a visit!

With warmer temperatures, this could be a fun place

To go an experience the wildlife there.

Are there frogs? Ducks? Bugs?

If allowed, you can feed the ducks, too!

Make sure whatever you feed them is safe for them to eat

App of the Week

FREE: Happi Words – A game for practicing word association, spelling and vocabulary

Get it while it is still free!


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With Love,


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