Book Club Week 27: Animal Strike At The Zoo

Animal Strike At The Zoo Book

Theme of the Month


Book of the Week

Animal Strike At The Zoo

By Karma Wilson

Color of the Week


In keeping with last weeks color and working
on pink a bit more this week, have fun
finding creative ways to find pink in your home.
Go on a scavenger hunt or go to the zoo
and see if you can find pink on the animals!

Song/Nursery Rhyme of the Week

Old MacDonald Had A Zoo 

(Have fun with this one!)

Old MacDonald had a zoo,
And in this zoo, he had some lions,
With a roar-roar here,
And a roar-roar there;
Here a roar, there a roar,
Everywhere a roar-roar.
Old MacDonald had a zoo,

Then do the following animals & their sounds:
Monkeys, eek-eek
Hyenas, ha-ha
Sheep, baa-baa
Seals, arf-arf
Snake, sss-ssss

Think of more and add your own!

Letter of the Week

J for Jump

“Every letter makes a sound, J says Juh!”

Snack of the Week

Zoo Trail Mix

If you are going to the zoo you will need some snacks!
Make a trail mix.

Use animal crackers/cookies, raisins,
Chocolate chips, peanuts/almonds
or peanutbutter chips,
pretzels and anything your little one loves!

Have fun with this!

Art Project of the Week

Make an Elephant Paper Bag Puppet!

The instructions will be easy to access here.

I have made this before with preschoolers and it is so fun!

Field Trip of the Week

You can take this week’s book and use it to find animals at the zoo.


Make a zoo in your house.
Gather each animal in the book (or print a picture of them)
and hide them around the house
to take a visit to the zoo in your very own home!
See which animals you make it to visit!

App of the Week

FREE: Elephant Preschool Playtime

Learn about letters, sounds, numbers, shapes and more!


We are here to serve YOU! Hop on over to our Facebook page and
share your favorite zoo animal with us!

Have fun with the Zoo theme this week!

P.S. Please note the affiliate link included with book title for your convenience.

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