Book Club Week 26: Dear Zoo


Theme of the Month


Book of the Week

Dear Zoo

By Rod Campbell

Color of the Week


There may only be one instance of Pink in the book BUT…

If it is spring where you are located you may be starting

To see pink outside in the blooming flowers.

If it’s too early for that, go on a search

for pink toys in your home!


Song/Nursery Rhyme of the Week

Oh, I went to the Zoo! 

Oh I went to the zoo, And what did I see?
I saw a great big tiger, Lookin’ at me
He went Raaar, raaar He went Raaar, raaar
He went Raaaar raaar raar, And that’s what he said to me!

Oh I went to the zoo, And what did I see?
I saw a great big monkey, Lookin’ at me
He went Ooo-ooo-o Ooo-ooo-o, He went Ooo-ooo-o Ooo-ooo-o
He went Ooo-ooo-o Ooo-ooo-o, And that’s what she said to me!

Continue with other animals from the story and their sounds!

(from Everythingpreschool)

Letter of the Week

Z for Zoo

“Every letter makes a sound, Z says Zzz!”

(like the Zzzz in buzzzz)

Snack of the Week

Make it easy and have animal crackers!

See if your little one can name each animal.

Art Project of the Week

Make a lion!

All you need is a paper plate, markers and scissors!

Color the lions face (yellow?)

on the inside circle of the back side of the plate.

Then color the ridge around the outside of the plate, (orange?)

Next, draw the cat nose/mouth and eyes.

Decorate the rest as your child pleases.

When done you can cut slits into the lion mane to make it 3D!

Field Trip of the Week

One of my favorite places: Take a trip to the Zoo.

Take the book with you and try to find

Each of the animals in the book, in your zoo!

App of the Week

FREE: Animals Zoo

Learn animals, their sounds and more!


We are here to serve YOU! Hop on over to our Facebook page and share your favorite toddler apps with us!

Have fun with the Zoo theme this week!

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