Book Club Week 22: Go Dog Go!

Go Dog Go graphic

Theme of the Month

Dr. Suess

Book of the Week

Go Dog Go!

By P.D. Eastman

Color of the Week


Have fun pointing out all of the orange in the book!
Then look for orange around your home.

Song/Nursery Rhyme of the Week

Six Little Dogs

(to the tune of “Six Little Ducks”)

Six little dogs that I once knew,

Fat ones, skinny ones, fair ones too.

But the one little dog with the brown curly fur,

He led the others with a grr, grr, grr

Grr, grr, grr

Grr, grr, grr

He led the others with a grr, grr, GRR!

Note: This is great for practicing the sound of the week, G!

Letter of the Week

G for Go

“Every letter makes a sound, G says Guh!”

Snack of the Week

“Banana Dog” Bites

(From Weelicious)


2 bananas, peeled

1/4 cup peanut butter, divided (you could also use almond or sunflower butter)

2 tortillas


Place one tortilla on a flat surface and spread

tbsp of peanut butter on the tortilla to evenly coat.

Place one banana near the edge of the tortilla and roll it up.

Slice into 1/2 inch rounds and serve.

*If your tortilla bread is stiff, heat for 15-20 seconds

in microwave between 2 paper towels.

Art Project of the Week

This website has a great selection of dog coloring pages:

Get them here.

Print them all or pick a few!

Either way you will have a blast

coloring, painting and decorating your dogs.

Don’t forget to use our color of the week, orange!

Field Trip of the Week

Stay in and Have a “Go, Dog, Go” Race & Dance Party!

Pick some of your little sprouts favorite music and have a blast!

Focus on the opposites in the story and practice during your dance party (up/down, in/out, stop/go, etc)

App of the Week

If you’re feeling like a splurge get the interactive “Go Dog Go” App instead of the hardcover book.


We are here to serve YOU! Hop on over to our Facebook page and share your favorite toddler apps with us!

Have fun with the Dr. Suess & Dog theme this week!

On to more Dr. Suess next week!

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