Exciting Day Here at Little Sprout Speech

Little Sprouts Speech TV Episode 1

Little Sprouts Speech TV Episode 1

This is an exciting day here at Little Sprout Speech as we launch our TV site!

It has been a long time coming but we are here and ready to serve you through a new means that we know you will find helpful!

You will be able to learn how to be your child’s therapist! After all, you as the parent spend a lot of time with your child. So wouldn’t it be useful to know how to target various language goals in your own home? We have made it quick, easy, convenient and you have the Little Sprout Speech TV site as a resource to return to whenever you need a reminder. We hope you enjoy!

Check out today’s first episode on how to introduce nouns and my TOP three tips on how you can easily incorporate this into your daily routine…on the go!

Be sure to head over to our facebook page at facebook.com/halliebulkinbiz and let us know what you learned from today’s video AND how else we can serve you and your little sprout!

With lots of love!


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