Book Club Week 7: Click, Clack, BOO!


Book Club Week 7:  Click, Clack, BOO!

By Hallie Bulkin

Welcome to our 7th week of Book Club! This week we bring you a fun book with lots of fun activities surrounding it! Here are some suggestions for this weeks title, Click Clack Boo!! Enjoy!

Theme of the Month


Book of the Week

Click, Clack, Boo!
by Doreen Cronin & Betsy Lewin

Hint: Focus on the verbs in this story to describe what is happening (e.g., crunch/crunching, tap/tapping). Talk about these verbs throughout your week!!! Find leaves to crunch, instruments to tap, etc.

Color of the Week

Label 5 orange objects in/around the home each day!
(e.g., “orange pumpkin, orange juice, orange bracelet, etc)

Song/Nursery Rhyme of the Week

Pumpkin, Pumpkin On the Ground
(Sung to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”)
Pumpkin pumpkin on the ground
How’d you get so big and round
Planted as a seed so small
Now you are a big orange ball
Pumpkin pumpkin on the ground
How’d you get so big and round

Letter of the Week

H for Happy Halloween
“Every letter makes a sound, H says Huh!”

Snack of the Week

Halloween Pumpkins & Ghosts
snack week 7
The pumpkins are made out of peeled clementines with a tiny piece of celery for the stalk. The Ghosts are made out of ½ a banana with two mini chocolate chips for the eyes and a regular chocolate chip for the round mouth! You can make these with your child. Have fun!
Note: I found this on pinterest but cannot find it again to give proper credit. If you know where it’s from let us know!

Art Project of the Week

Pumpkin & Ghost Snack!
Make it for the family or for friends and share!
If you have not yet decorated or carved your pumpkins from two weeks ago
you can do that this week!

Field Trip of the Week

Local Grocery Store to buy your snack materials
(unless your farmers market has them but ours do not!)
You can take a trip to the Farmers market again
to see what they have and what they do not have.
Make a list and check the items off as you get them!

App of the Week

Color Mix HD (free)

We are here to serve YOU! Hop on over to our Facebook page and
share your favorite toddler apps with us!

Have fun with the Halloween (and continued pumpkin) theme this week!

Next up is the Fall!

With Love,


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