Taking Face Time Back To Its Roots

Taking Face Time Back To Its Roots By Hallie Bulkin The first time you look into your childs eyes, there is an immediate connection. A bond between parent and child. Communication largely occurs through a child developing a blueprint for the shape of your face, the sound of your voice and how you smell. This Continue reading

FREE Educational Apps for Autism Awareness Month

By Hallie Bulkin I ran and downloaded the 15 FREE apps to give them each a try…and I am IMPRESSED! They are simple and I know your kids will love them. There are 3 main categories for the APPs: Flash Cards (places, alphabet, food, sports, vehicles, animals, actions, science, sight words) Receptive Identification (ABA receptive Continue reading

Define Your Child By What they CAN Do…

Define Your Child By What They Can Do…Instead Of What They Can’t By Hallie Bulkin   Has your child’s teacher or therapist ever recommended that you use your child’s strengths to build on their weaknesses? If they have, there is a reason for the recommendation. If you have heard that this is something you should Continue reading