FREE: Speech Sounds And The Age They Are Expected All In 1 Simple Chart!

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4 Reasons to get the Little Sprout Speech FREE “Speech Sounds” Chart

1. Checking Your Child’s Speech Sounds Has Never Been Easier

The “Speech Sounds” Chart is a perfect tool for you if you are a busy parent who is concerned about how your child’s speech sounds. Use this chart to figure out if your child is saying the sounds they should be at their current age.

2. Identify What Your Child Can Say And CELEBRATE

My #1 success secret is to make your child feel successful. If they feel successful, they will feel happy. If they feel happy, you will feel happy. It’s as simple as that!

3. Learn how the Chart Will Improve Your Relationship

If you know what your child can say you can encourage more sounds and words from them. This leads to successful communication and a closer mommy-daddy-child relationship.

4. Bonus Gift: Get our “Giving Your Sprout A Voice” Newsletter

We cover topics that produce results like:

  • What to do when your child wont go to sleep at night
  • Why a meltdown is actually your child’s way of telling you something
  • How to determine if your child needs speech therapy
  • How to help your child communicate with you & how to communicate with your child
  • How to put “play” back in child’s play
  • And you will also get access to success strategies that often get overlooked…even by professionals!

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