Free IEP Meeting Check-List

IEP Check-List For The Busy Stressed Out Parent

The Necessary Questions To Ask Your Child’s IEP Team All In One Simple List

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Dear Busy Stressed-Out Parent or Therapist,

Are you tired of trying to prepare for IEP meetings ahead of time and STILL FORGETTING to ask the IMPORTANT questions? Even as a professional this would happen to me ALL THE TIME! So I created a list. I love making lists…they help me keep my head on straight! 

When we are stressed our ability to pull things from memory and stay organized goes out the window. Let me help you with that.

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Let’s Tackle That Next IEP Meeting Together!

Here is the check-list that I give to my clients. It reviews questions to ask BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the IEP meeting.

It is my gift to you! To get it, just enter you first name and email. Then you’ll get an email in your inbox with a link to download the check-list IMMEDIATELY. Let’s do this!


What Hallie’s Clients Are Saying:

Hallie, thank you so much for this list. I printed it off last minute and took it with me to the IEP meeting. I felt unprepared until I walked into the room. Then I was ready to break this out and check off the items as we went through the meeting. The areas that were not checked when the teacher was done sharing her data gave me some great guidance on where to take the conversation next! I walked out of that meeting happier than ever thanks to this list that prepared me without me having to really prepare a thing! – Anon.

This list is great and was so simple to use. I had a hard time reading it through my tears but I am always an emotional mess. Janet Reece

This was super helpful. Thank you! Rachel Ashton

Thank you for your thoughts, my Son’s IEP is next week!I am going in with my list! Good luck to all the families with special needs children! God Bless! <3 Roxanne Heinzle

“It went well! He’s getting speech twice a week now (most he’s ever gotten since he was 2 lol), they added additional special ed hours inside the classroom and a 30min pull out with the resource teacher, PT is now down to twice a month, OT is the same and they added a lot of accommodations… It was odd to prepare for this. I’ve brought up concerns about IEP goals and accommodations all year and they just kept dismissing everything as “oh that doesn’t seem to be an issue/a need/ oh but he’s doing so great!” Then they evaluate him and suddenly, he needs more help and support and services… Acting like the evaluation provided new information lol it was always there guys!!! So I was ready to barge in and make demands but then they sent me a draft IEP with even more support than I had in mind. Very confused by the extra speech lol she wasted months working on medial L and final TH until I requested she stops and work on the other IEP goals (related to conversation). She was surprised, didn’t think it was an issue based on her time with him. She included peers and observed and now he has 4 new goals related to pragmatic speech… Your checklist is great Btw, it removed a lot of pre IEP jitters ha ha…Having a visual helps with feeling less overwhelmed by all there is to think about before the meeting!” Martine Langois-Koissy