FREE Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Sign

Trick or treat sign

It’s time to stop worrying and stressing over a holiday that is meant to be FUN! As a loving parent or caregiver, you are always STRESSED when it comes time for the holiday season (and yes, the holiday’s sure do start with Halloween for many of us!)…it’s time to prepare for Halloween so you can participate and enjoy it with your child this year.

It can be a tough holiday with the sights of masks, costumes & strangers behind the doors we knock on for candy. The sounds of ghouls and ghosts as you approach homes can be overwhelming. And the smells that some people may have surrounding their haunted front yard and home as you approach can push some kids over the edge. With this quick and easy plan and free sign, we can change this!

Grab the sign that has successfully worked for so many children in the past. When Sam wore this sign last year he enjoyed trick-or-treating in his neighborhood for 45 minutes before his feet were tired and he was ready to go home. You read that right…he went home because his feet were tired, not because he was overwhelmed and unable to communicate with people! Let’s help your child have the same experience this year.

Who is this for?

  • Parents that love their children and want them to enjoy Halloween this year!
  • Parents of children with special needs that are nonverbal or have a hard time verbalizing “trick-or-treat”

So what do you do to make this holiday as enjoyable as possible for your child? You PREPARE! (with my help of course) 🙂

What will I get? One simple PDF to download that includes…

  • Steps to prepare for a successful Halloween (steps to take BEFORE the holiday)
  • Steps to take DURING Halloween
  • A sign to print off for children who are nonverbal or who have a hard time saying “trick-or-treat”