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FREE Autism Cards For Parents Of Children That Have Meltdowns In Public

The Information You Wish You Could Say To The Onlooker When Your Child Is Melting Down In Public…All In One Simple Card

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Dear moms, dads and caregivers that take your child with autism and/or sensory processing disorder on public outings,

Are you tired of people trying to touch your child, talk them down while they are in melt down mode, and rudely passing by whispering their comments about your parenting skills under their breath…it’s time to END THIS once and for all!

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HOW? By handing out autism cards to onlookers who seem overly concerned when your child goes into meltdown mode.

These cards explain that your child has autism and what may be happening. It explains that this is not a result of a spoiled child or poor parenting and that your child needs to work through this ON THEIR OWN!

There is a link provided for them to learn more about autism as well. Help us spread awareness and acceptance while keeping peoples hands and opinions to themselves while your child works through their public meltdown.

The cards are already made and ready-to-go. It is my gift to you! To get it, just enter you first name and email. Then you’ll get an email in your inbox with a link to download the check-list IMMEDIATELY. Let’s do this!arrow-pointing-down